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Click on a link below to go there : Professional cleaning with rope safety options : Carbon or normal CUSTOM surfboards built just for you : Fixed or adjustable fins : Swimming Pool Maintenance : Incredible non jet wash (damaging) cleaning of any exterior surface. Supercar/Hypercar tyre safe too

For your exterior enjoyment :

End your weeding headaches by using us !
Pet Safe Professional Weed Control and Pesticide Spraying

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Each job now with FREE background radiation reading (Radon and all other ionising radiation detected) where possible

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Mould Control Wales . com

A 20 minute miracle mould treatment at a scalable 200m2 per hour!

A professional process; Deep cleaning mould from surfaces and the air you breathe!

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Special Note ('Rouge Trader' / 'Copycat' Awareness):
Keeping in mind the legal protection afforded to us by our registered trademark and secret science: Our tried and tested mould and pathogen treatment process - As a 20years professional scientist with no incidents nor accidents competency is proven such that we use extremely strong chemicals that any non-scientist shouldn't have access to. In case of unexpected events we also carry expensive countermeasures your 'other' of any profession or activity simply does not even know of never mind know how to safely use! In fact our countermeasures can cost more than the cost of the original cleaning chemicals! Continuously monitored to ensure zero emissions we thus safeguard you and your property and the environment during and after our treatment. We also double check your 'item and area' are safe for you before we leave. Some call us over-cautious, we call it our responsibility to you.
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