Secure : Browse Only Advertising Website : Contact : Read >>> You HAVE yucky organisms on all your stuff
Singularly created and optimised from well over 350 Billion possibilities

World's Only : We purify your world and where you go and
all normally unreachable areas and even the air you breathe

Unprecedented protection for 'your stuff' and helps your health and longevity

8 years tested with subsequent 100% customer satisfaction
DO NOT entertain interlopers as we do not use snake oil
NO fire risk as there are NO electrical devices used in interiors
This process is unique : NOT ozone, NOT uv, NOT bleach, NOT aerosols

Treatments typically cost GBP7,000 for a diamond ring to GBP15,000 for a limousine size car

to GBP35,000 for a habitable room . . .

to GBPyour personal exclusive bespoke unique requirement - create your own "bragging rights"

Airplanes might need some independent 'clean' testing collated to verify no danger to you in the sky
Waterborne vessels of any size are treatable to kill off all unreachable and unseen 'yucky' organisms - Bravo !

Finders Fee: Know someone? 5% finders fee to 'you' after payment to us by your 'found' party for work done by us for them
Retainer: Only 'your world and stuff' to exclusively have our treatment = Annual retainer (upfront) of GBP7.5million + our treatment fees

Our DRY treatments are money particularly well spent when we kill off any 'bugs' that make you sick
never mind the ones that would damage your 'stuff'

The growth slides below are from 'extremely clean' interiors/items. You have growths right now
Very bad to frankly dangerous. Only our treated slide is truly clean, 100% clean in fact

Touched items are likely to have a very high number of microbes on them
Feel great by knowing they are gone by having us eradicate them

Our process penetrates through covers and reaches where nothing else can
Just knowing your items or home or everything has been treated is satisfying

Our process does not affect nor interfere with mechanical nor live electronic systems
Your 'connected' home, watch, phone, hybrid hypercar, your 'anything' - all is well

We treat all materials/fabrics without compromising their performance ratings
Engineered to target nasty microbes, 'your' textures, structures and colours are not altered

All terms on an individual basis - e-mail me or text me on UK mobile 07890299913

all information and website content and terms subject to change without notice

website alterations to occur as soon as possible excepting reasonable delays

Special Note ('Rouge Trader' / 'Copycat' Awareness):
Keeping in mind the legal protection afforded to us by our registered trademark and secret science: Our tried and tested mould and pathogen treatment process - As a 20years professional scientist with no incidents nor accidents competency is proven such that we use extremely strong chemicals that any non-scientist shouldn't have access to. In case of unexpected events we also carry expensive countermeasures your 'other' of any profession or activity simply does not even know of never mind know how to safely use! In fact our countermeasures can cost more than the cost of the original cleaning chemicals! Continuously monitored to ensure zero emissions we thus safeguard you and your property and the environment during and after our treatment. We also double check your 'item and area' are safe for you before we leave. Some call us over-cautious, we call it our responsibility to you.

All content true and accurate since the time of first publication. ® since 2011
**Continual trials since 2011 and annually since 2011 makes us the only and the best possible even today
Being our development experiments/customer requests are conducted 24/7/365 we have so much data (good and bad) we simply can never be beaten
We thrive on what we have done and what we continue do
An ex-career industrial incident free scientist ® is 100% safe too - The best news for you