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W o r k i n g P r o f e s s i o n a l l y W i t h W a t e r S i n c e 1 9 9 3

Wa are currently available for your requests

e-mail ot Text uk mobile 07890 2 999 13

Qualified, Certified, Insured, Proven, with world's only anti-pathogen deep clean aka ®

365 : Inside or Outside : Daily to Annually : One off's or Special Occasions : Gift for someone else . . ?

'Got Japanese Knotweed? - Get Us - We legally kill it all off as evidenced by our awesome
>>> www.Knotweed.Expert <<<

All prices and terms on an individual basis : A minimum GBP£charge applies

Pet Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Safety, Quality and Customer Satisfaction assured

Weed, Moss, Algae and Mould free walls roofs and paths without that jet-wash noise, damage and inconvenience

No surface slime mildew or algae keeping you slip and injury free and your property maintained in tip top condition

Windows cleaned to 30 ft using our privacy ground-pole and professional window soap (NOT washing up liquid!!!)

Rope positioning, access and 3D metal rigging for height, edge and balcony safety & wet task deep water safety

Police Checked :: Insured :: 365 24/7 to suit you

Big or small weeds, big or small areas - all surfaces. From one-off's up to our preferred continual elite maintenance

115,000 people slip or fall outside in their garden each year - We will help you to reduce your risk

We only use professional products and not the ones you'd find in the home


Below is our 'On Rope' cleaning where we have control !

Below is rope safety inside at an upstairs window - We use PU coated steel cable at all risk points

( We feel it better to only clean the muck off your property, and not us off your path ! )

With the correct length of tether clipped into, the edge simply cannot be reached so a fall is impossible during cleaning or maintenance

Below is a car window after one pass - 10 years of never being cleaned but now, instantly, like a mirror

(We use only professionally developed water additives and polishes, some by an F1 Racing team, for maximum benefit to you - the customer - Challenge Us!)

And now a standard home window clean . . . We go to 30ft with our pole and use dedicated low foam pro-soap liquids

Compare the cloud reflections between windows (With our pole, there is no possibility of us peeking through your upstairs windows to invade your privacy)

Also engineered for solar panels, our panel cleaning will not harm your panels and return their efficiency

AND of course conservatories, balconies, summer houses, the pool house and any other panes of glass are in our scope too

Also we offer a safe Non Jet-Wash organic's treatment of all surfaces

___ Just one rapid, quiet, economical treatment can last for over two years ___

Moss, slime and algae are slippery meaning you could slip and injure yourself

Look at these amazing (convenient) transformations . . .

Delicate wall render yellowing restored AND possible to bring back to un-aged white.
No wall is a problem to us (No wall too small either).
Please NOTE -® does not jet wash unless absolutely necessary
as jet washing can be very damaging and yield problematic future control of organic growth.

Hotel render colour matched by cleaning to ensure the best possible looking building (not jet-washed).

Japanese Knotweed controlled and eradicated as evidenced by our awesome
>>> www.Knotweed.Expert <<<

Got a swimming pool ? - No problem . . .

Quick Vid (45seconds) : Green To Clean in just a few days

TV's Watchdog program showed Mr Tony Lewis Head of Policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health states “Opportunistic pathogens which means they are dangerous . . . Pathogens are the source of human disease . . . there is concern, they should not be there . . . at any level.”

Pathogenic Microorganisms: A brief scientific introductiion

We will treat every molecule in the space you ask us to deep clean

Click Me: The outcome of not deep cleaning

Police Checked : Insured : Qualified : Experienced

Safe :: Fast :: Convenient :: Effective :: Proven

Private :: Confidential :: Residential :: Commercial :: Industrial

So remember . . . Have a closer look and choose one of our professionally qualified activities
It's all so do not worry . . .

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We do windows and stuff too don't forget !!! - Call us with your enquires includes a trading style of ® : hosted under, the best there is?

Tel/text Uk mobile 07890 2 999 13

Operational Core deep clean, emergency actions and 're-train' available - enquire please - confidentiality assured

Commercial / Industrial undertakings scalable to about 400m2 per hour - £Contact Us

All information subject to change without notice - see this website for status

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