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SprayShield.UK - A unique and excellent service

Zero environmental impact

Do you want your external surfaces looking new ALL the time?

Unique, our incredibly effective, convenient process is lasting and is the best. It restores the old and protects the new

Being clean means feeling clean - LOOK !

Examined, Qualified, Insured, Experienced : Annual treatments are recommended but one treatment can last 6 years

e-mail "" to be scheduled in for 2019-2020
All year is good - Optimally winter for exisitng growth, all year for new/nearly new surfaces

Just *£4.50 a square meter - UK Government qualified. Further, legally qualified to spray near and into water courses such as
hardstandings with drainage, rivers, ponds, lakes, runoffs, drains, ditches, sewers, gutters, wells, reservoirs and so on

A lasting gentle Non-jet wash Non-bleach Non-acid Non-UV cleanse and brightening back to as new of any external surface
SprayShield.UK is an anti-organic treatment. Physical rebuilds and non natural contamination are not in scope
SprayShield.UK kills off and removes that unsightly and slippery organic contamination over time AND it sanitises surfaces too
SprayShield.UK immediately protects new/newer surfaces via molecular repulsion - It is like an invisible magnetic force field

Tyre, Human and Animal safe for any commercial/professional/leisure activity
Road, Race, Track, Drag, Hypercar, F1 and any Hardstanding or Building

Buildings (modern, listed and ancient) and monuments too

White paint next to trees and shrubbery - 5 years and still not affected by 'green'

100% safe. Biodegradable, environmentally and ecologically friendly liquids
Zero Carbon site footprint via silent zero emission application sprayers
*£4.50 per square meter treated - Ultra qualified and equipped from heights to water and water-ways
*£0.75 per mile travelled round trip from Swansea inclusive of chemical precautions
Can last over 6 years but annual re-treatments are of course recommended - HSE COPR regulated fluids - Water based
We are trained and capable to treat entire mountainsides with appropriate support and budget
After 160 square meters coverage we will need additional water (by tap for example) for balancing to mix with our as-carried liquid concentrates
1 litre meticulously reconditions/protects an amazing 2 square meters as a safe minimum using our qualified professional sprayers
Unless clean water for balancing-mixing is provided by you, clean water provision (by bowser or tanker for example) will be additionally charged at just cost

Nightly accommodation as required charged at £cost + all additional mileage as £above

* Prices reviewed and correct as of August 1st 2019
All circumstances can more than likely be accommodated so contact us to discuss, easy peasy

"A remarkable totally effective, totally safe, zero carbon footprint treatment"
We recommend annual treatments as due diligence and best demonstrated practice

Ancient monuments and listed buildings can be safely and gently treated too

Applied by experienced college qualified sprayers our treatment is
convenient, silent, fast, non-jet wash damaging thus gentle

New & Just cleaned surfaces : Treatment to be applied ASAPossible as
an immediate 100% repulsive lasting barrier
'Dirty' and Slippery and Unsightly external surfaces silently treated anytime
See the remarkable non-damaging outcome and enjoy the benefit for years to come

Not detrimental to any car tyre performance . . . Stephen Quinn BSc(hons) DIS TnISPE(Cert.) PAnn :
Non-jet wash Non-bleach Non-acid Non-UV cleanse and brightening back to as new of any external surface


My Unique Professional Certificate Numbers are 76727n and 77323n and 79501n : I am Police Checked

One of the many training course’s attended to become a licensed professional sprayer

CONTACT US: Telephone / Text on uk mobile 07890 2 999 13 : e-mail me

Police Checked

Looking a bit serious while preparing for a rope safety access treatment - Full kit adorned

LINK . . . GOT WEEDS ? : We are also government examined professional weed/knotweed control including into waterways

>> We have several other beneficial activities as well - Click to see our (the best there is?) <<

( Above : Sympathetically spraying a local cenotaph; Tractor mounted sprayers; Lawn area maintenance )

We support the LEAF initiative just like: The Crown Estate, Unilever, Woodland Trust, BASF chemicals, Bayer Crop Science, Crop Protection Association,
DOW, Environment Agency, NFU, National Grid, RSPB et al.

Experienced Professional, Professionally Trained, Officially Examined, Government Certified – Insured


LINK: ® Qualified swimming pool maintenance (ISPE examined and certified)

For clarity, all expectations, work and costs are pre-agreed, documented via a
single sheet customer agreement form and signed and held by both you and us

Terms on an individual basis - e-mail me or text/speak to me on UK mobile 07890299913

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