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Weed Free UK . com

Wilderness areas, paths and pond surrounds cleared too

Weed Free UK . com

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UK Government trained to be wildlife, pet, human and British Bee safe

Working 365 to give you Weed Free property and gardens

Below: One of the many (expensive) training course’s attended to become a licensed professional sprayer

My Unique Professional Certificate Numbers are 76727n and 77323n and 79501n : I am Police Checked

CONTACT US: Telephone / Text on uk mobile 07890 2 999 13

e-mail us at

Police Checked

We also kill weeds in your lawns without damaging any of your grass

As well as weeds; Moss and Moulds are also within our scope of treatment

Conveniently our qualifications suitably extend to the larger estates, riverbanks and water runoff areas
Provided access and permission both granted, we can legally treat
Flat Land / Inclines / Any Water Body / Riverbanks – Or Anywhere.

Got Japanese Knotweed? For www.Knotweed.Expert website CLICK HERE

Below: Also Listed/Ancient buildings and Monument's non-contact cleared of moss and moulds


We also have Swimming Pool Maintenance certification

45s Video of a 'pool clean-up

1m 20s Video of a 'pool that needs a clean-up!

All terms on an individual basis - e-mail me or text me on UK mobile 07890299913

all information and website content and terms subject to change without notice

CONTACT US: e-mail our catch all web name

by Stephen Quinn BSc(hons) DIS TnISPE(Cert.) PAnn

FREE: With every job we complete, if possible, we provide your background natural radiation reading

-- looking forward to making, and even keeping you happy --